The Androgen Excess and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Society
is an international organization dedicated to promoting the generation and dissemination of knowledge related to
all aspects of Androgen Excess Disorders.

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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

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Resources for Patients

PCOS is the most common androgen-excess disorder, and affects between 5% and 10% of all women. PCOS typically involves the prescence of irregular or absent menstrual periods in combination with excess androgens (male hormones) and possilby polycystic ovaries. Increased production or sensitivity to androgens commonly leads to hirsutism (male-patterned hair growth), acne, or alopecia (thinning or loss of scalp hair).
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia, also known as CAH, is an inherited disorder affecting the hormones produced and released by the adrenal glands. Approximately 1 in 12,000 infants is affected by CAH. The most common type of CAH is called 21-hydroxylase deficiency which is due to changes in the gene (DNA) that codes for the protein, 21-hydroxylase (CYP21A2).
Premature pubarche is the untimely development of pubic hair and/or axillary (armpit) hair prior to 8 years of age in girls and prior to 9 years of age in boys. The most common cause of premature pubarche is early maturation of the adrenal glands (adrenarche) which results in earlier than normal production and release of androgens, such as dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS).