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2023 International Evidence-based Guideline for the Assessment and Management of PCOS

All of the links below pertaining to the 2023 International Evidence Based Guideline for the Assessment and Management of PCOS are endorsed by the AE-PCOS Society.

Patient Information Sheets
These infographics were created as part of the 2023 International Guideline on PCOS. Please click on each image to learn more:

Emotional Well-being

Fertility and Pregnancy





Similar to the infographics above, this information booklet is in easy to read, consumer friendly format. It is based on the best available evidence and written by leading experts.

Download 'PCOS' here.


AskPCOS App is developed by experts, based on the best available evidence and co-designed by women with PCOS. AskPCOS is for women and girls who think they may have PCOS, those who already have a diagnosis, and for those supporting women with PCOS.

AskPCOS has a range of innovative features including:
- A self-diagnostic quiz
- Easy to understand information on PCOS
- A range of info-graphics
- Videos by experts
- A question prompt list to assist you when talking to health professionals
AskPCOS is essential for women wanting the best available information about PCOS.

Available from the App Store.

"What's new in an evidence-based approach to assessment, management and treatment of PCOS".  Professor Teede discusses the highlights of the 2023 International Guidelines.

Watch and listen here.

Professor Teede is the Director of Monash Centre for Health Research Implementation, Monash University. and an Endocrinologist at Monash Health, who holds an Order of Australia for services to Women's Health.