Waterloo Foundation AEPCOS Award

Waterloo Foundation AEPCOS Award


$45,000 USD which will fund 3 projects at a max $15,000 USD/project.

Application Deadline: August 10th, 2023

Project Support Grant Rules


  • The objective is to help early career AEPCOS Society members to gain research experience performing independent basic or clinical PCOS research and encourage them to remain in the field.
  • The project grant will provide support for consumables/other research costs to enable early career researchers to carry out excellent basic and/or clinical PCOS research projects.
  • Funds can be used flexibly to provide salary support where full justification is made.
  • The funds cannot be used for indirect (overhead) costs.


  • Applicants must be doctoral investigators within 5 years after completing MD specialty training or within 5 years after finishing postdoctoral training. If no postdoctoral training, 5 years after finishing PhD.
  • Applicants must become a member of the AEPCOS Society prior to the application’s deadline. Join today: https://ae-society.org/membership/#regular
  • Applicants who have received funding in the past may apply again under the grant scheme, however, subsequent applications will be assessed in open competition with other applications and further funding is not guaranteed.
  • Previous awardees will need to demonstrate that a past grant has been used productively and has led to publication and/or funding applications elsewhere. Previously unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to reapply.
  • To ensure fairness, no more than one grant will be awarded to the same research team in a given award year.
  • Published work resulting from the Project Support Grant should clearly acknowledge the Waterloo Foundation PCOS Award.


  • Project plan – max 5 pages including references.
    • Background
    • Overarching aim and hypothesis
    • Specific aims
    • Methods
    • Feasibility
    • Significance – novelty
  • CV – max 2 pages.
  • Publication list– max 3 pages. Should include a description of your specific role in 10 of the most important articles.
  • Budget – max 1 page
  • Letter of support from supervisor/mentor – max 1 page


  • Merge Project plan, CV, publication list, budget, and letter of support into one pdf (max 12 pages) and submit the application to AEPCOS Society info@ae-society.org no later than August 10, 2023.